Thursday, March 20, 2014

Weekly Links: Selfies, Songs and a Crunchwrap Supreme

TGIF! Did this week seem long to anyone else?

My week was jam packed with exciting things that will hopefully set my summer and next semester up to be remarkably worthwhile and momentous. I guess time will tell!

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As every week wraps up, I feel inclined to include a weekly link that is in some way, shape or form related to Disney's Frozen. This week is no different. College student Brian Hull  put a video up on YouTube of him singing 'Let it Go' by your favorite Disney and Pixar characters. His impersonations are spot on and gives a breath of fresh air to an otherwise over exposed song.  I'll try not to blog about Frozen anymore, but no promises. 

Have you ever loved an instagram selfie so much that you wish you could make it into nail art?... yeah me neither. However, the new app NailSnaps can make this perfectly filtered and composed dream a reality. The concept is still in a work in progress, but has already reached almost half of it's $47,381 Kickstarter goal. ( If you'd like to contribute, click here) For an estimated $20 you could be rocking one of your favorite Instagram pictures on your nails.  Nail stickers and nail art in general have surged in popularity over the past few years so I'm actually quite interested to see if this actually takes off.

Wake me up by Avicii has been all over the radio. You've probably heard of it. Actually, I know you've heard of it...yet you've never heard it quite like this. Performer Mikey Busto decided to create his own rendition of the song. Guitars, drums, the bass- everything was recreated by Mikey by only using his mouth . The overall product took him 7 hours to record and it's definitely a cover unlike any other.

It wouldn't be a true weekly links without a  heart warming story.  In 2007, news anchor Gloria Campos did a report on a foster boy named Ke'onte in  desperate need of a home. Determined to find him a home, Gloria did a second report on him in 2009.  I'm so relieved and delighted to say that her perseverance and love for Ke'onte paid off. Fast forward to 2:50 to see Gloria's sweet surprise.

Random Little Links:
1. 30 day hair challenge that my tresses actually want to try
2.A list of baby names that will be popular in 20 years
3. So just how good is Taco Bell's breakfast menu?
4.The best guess in the history of Wheel of Fortune
5.Holy 90's! A Boy Meets World Reunion

Going through my random links, I have the strongest urge to binge watch Boy Meets World, grab a crunch wrap at Taco Bell and contemplate my future simultaneously. Anyone else?

 Take full advantage of the great outdoors now that it is officially spring! Have a lovely weekend everyone!


(Ps.- Is anyone out there going to go watch Divergent this weekend? I haven't read the books, but I heard the movie is great!)

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