Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weekly Links: Changes are Coming

Happy Friday everyone!
Crunch time has officially started for this gal.
 As, I look at my calendar that says next week is already April, I realize that it really means  all of my projects and research papers are due... and dreaded finals are just around the corner. The calendar also says it's Spring, but when I look outside I fail to see anything but snow.  

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Jimmy Kimmel often does bits on his show involving kids. If you've ever seen 'I told my kids I ate their Halloween candy' you know just how funny those can be. This week Kimmel decided to see how many naughty words kids know. I have to admit most of  the video was cute. Then, there were some things  I was actually shocked that kids nowadays know at such a young age. You can see the 'bad words' they know here.

There's an ever growing list of movies I've never watched. I get shunned when I say I've never seen  Matilda, 13 Going on 30 or even the Titanic. Another movie on that list is Miss Congeniality.  This week started rumors that Sandra Bullock actually wants to make the movie into a show For people that have actually seen the movie, is this a good idea?

Pandora, Songza,  Beats Radio, Rdio... there are so many music sites and aps out there for us to stream and listen to songs. This week Spotify announced a 50% discount for students. For only $4.99 a month, students can listen to all the songs their hearts desire without any ads on all of their devices - phone, tablet, laptop etc anytime they want.  With over 20 million songs ( many from just released albums) and unlimited access to all of them, this is sounding like a sweet deal.

Legos can do amazing things and so can well educated individuals. To stand out from other resumes, Leah designed her resume for internships around Lego packaging and it looks amazing. Someone get this girl a job pronto!

Random Little Links

Have a great weekend! :)

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