Thursday, October 22, 2015

Favorite Things: Month of October

Hello friends!

It's been a while since I've done a favorite things post so here we go, here's a few of my favorite things! 

Perfect by One Direction 

Being a 'Favorite' is not even the appropriate for this song. I feel like it's more of an obsession, something that must be listened to at least 20 times a day to function.  Perfect is One Direction's new single and it's all types of... Perfect. (You all knew that was coming!) I'm still coming off the concert high that was one direction at 3 Arena. The icing on the cake was when the boys switched up their set list and sang this song. 

Not only that, but the music video came out only a few days later. It's quite fantastic.

St. Stephen's Green

Who says Fall doesn't happen in Dublin!? I make sure to take a few minutes out of my Tuesday commute to cut through this wonderful park. Dublin is known for its pubs, but its parks are just as special- Pheonix, Merrion, St. Stephen's; the list goes on, and these green patches sprinkled across the city are not to be missed! 

Tortellini Soup

Another thing while being in Ireland, I have fallen more in love with soup. It's not terribly cold here, but there's always a chill in the air that makes soup that more appealing. My roommate Deborah threw together tortellini soup te other for all of us and it was delicious (and souper easy!- I'm on a roll today)


A recent trend has been adult coloring books, filled with mandalas and intricate patterns. This free app is just as good as its coloring book counter part. Whenever you're bored or feeling artsy, your coloring book is right there in the palm of your hand and you can save your creations to keep forever!

An October Favorite's post wouldn't be complete without something spooky. So, I have to briefly talk about HalloweenTown. While the movie is nothing new, it's undoubtedly a Halloween staple. This week a bunch of Champlain Abroad Dublin students watched it. The night was filled with games, candy apples and nostalgia over a cherished childhood movie. We all agreed that the ending was not as climactic as we remembered, but good times were still had! 

What are you loving during the wonderful month of October? Let me know!

Have a great few weeks chickadees- I am jetting off to Greece and Italy for Fall break. That sentence just made me sound far fancier than I actually am or will ever be! A ton of pasta and gelato is to be had. Pictures and stories to follow!

With love,

Monday, October 12, 2015

DIY Halloween Costumes

Hello Ghouls and Goblins!

Halloween is 19- I repeat 19- days from now. Who's excited?!

I was looking through old blog posts and I found not 1, but 2 blog posts all about Halloween costumes. ( DIY Disney costumes and DIY group costumes)

Fast forward a year and this October is a bit different. 

I'm in Ireland and while they love all things creepy and festive- it's not all about dressing up in costumes! Not only that, but this Halloween (and the days leading up to it) I will be on Fall break in Italy and Greece- that will undoubtedly be a lengthy blogpost for a different day.

Nevertheless, I still wanted to search the web for creative costumes because it is downright fun and if I'm not dressing up, it's up to you all to wear an awesome costume and have the best Halloween to date.

All you need is a black dress!

 and if all else fails, this video by CloeCouture is one of the best videos I've seen!
 So. many. ideas.

You can see even more festive ideas on my Pinterest

What is your favorite thing about October or Fall in general? 

Mine has to be the colder weather. Nothing beats layers and layers of scarves, tights and sweaters. NOTHING.

Oh, and pumpkin spice lattes, but that was a given.

With love,

Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Quick Guide to Paris Fashion

Hello there!

Have you seen my post all about getting around the wonderful city of Paris yet? 

No?! Well then click here.

A pesky little thing called time has escaped me once again! On the bright side,  finally getting around to talk about Paris fashion is a wonderful way to...

1. Procrastinate a bit of homework
2. Reminisce on all the street style I encountered in the city of love

Paris, and most of Europe, is all about basics- black, white, cream, brown, navy. It doesn't matter what you wear. As long as you stick to these colors, anything will look fantastic!

Since I visited Paris as it got a bit colder I noticed so many women wearing a leather jacket and accessorizing with a scarf. It was such a simple combo yet every single time I saw those pieces together I swooned. Simplicity is always better!

Everyone in Europe is just so much more put together, in the easiest way possible. 

It always starts with a pair of booties. Those are then paired with black tights or black jeans. (This is the unofficial uniform of Europe if you ask me)

As far as a top goes... anything goes! Because everything goes with black. Black looks good on everyone and never goes out of style. If you follow that rule, you're as good as gold.

With Love,