Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Quick Guide to Paris Fashion

Hello there!

Have you seen my post all about getting around the wonderful city of Paris yet? 

No?! Well then click here.

A pesky little thing called time has escaped me once again! On the bright side,  finally getting around to talk about Paris fashion is a wonderful way to...

1. Procrastinate a bit of homework
2. Reminisce on all the street style I encountered in the city of love

Paris, and most of Europe, is all about basics- black, white, cream, brown, navy. It doesn't matter what you wear. As long as you stick to these colors, anything will look fantastic!

Since I visited Paris as it got a bit colder I noticed so many women wearing a leather jacket and accessorizing with a scarf. It was such a simple combo yet every single time I saw those pieces together I swooned. Simplicity is always better!

Everyone in Europe is just so much more put together, in the easiest way possible. 

It always starts with a pair of booties. Those are then paired with black tights or black jeans. (This is the unofficial uniform of Europe if you ask me)

As far as a top goes... anything goes! Because everything goes with black. Black looks good on everyone and never goes out of style. If you follow that rule, you're as good as gold.

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