Monday, March 31, 2014

For the Love of the Written Word

Hello everyone, how was your weekend?
 Mine was pretty unproductive, but I did have a revelation.

Do you ever feel like sometimes our own words can't do a situation justice? Sometimes it's easier to see someone else's feeling scrawled on a page to truly know how, we ourselves feel. 

I think this is why I love poetry so much or why I loop songs all day. To soak in every word, words that sound better from someone else's perspective than my own. While their situation or feelings aren't my own, I can still relate to everything they say.

That's the amazing thing about human emotion. You are never truly alone. The amazing moments you endure and feel, someone else has felt the same way before. It's a hidden connection we all have. The same, unfortunately, goes for the not so good moments. Regardless, I'm astounded by just how a few words strung together can tie us to other people.

We really are all more alike than we may think and that's a beautiful thing.

Today I thought I'd share a few of my favorite songs that maybe you'll love as well.  

Raining in Paris by The Maine

Your hand in my hand by Explosions in the Sky

Babel by Mumford and Sons

Are there any songs that you can't live without? Any songs that relate to your life more than you ever thought they would?  I'd love to hear or read their lyrics! Have a great day  everyone!


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