Monday, March 17, 2014

Luck of the Irish

Good morning and Happy Saint Patrick's day!
Whether you're Irish or not, I hope luck follows you today.

I am slowly, very slowly, restoring my health. I have a sinus infection that just doesn't want to quit. And let me tell you, it has definitely overstayed its welcome! 

While I do love my bed and watching movies, I miss going outside or  -dare I say it- going to the gym. 

I'm currently online shopping, which is probably the worst thing to do when sick and  bored, but it sure is fun to look at 'all the things'.

To commemorate Saint Patrick's day, here is a compilation of all things green, festive and cute from around the web.

$5 Francesca's ( because why not?)

What are you all wearing today? Hopefully a little bit of green! Have a great day.

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