Friday, July 18, 2014

Weekly Links: A life in Pictures

Happy Friday friends!
It's finally a beautiful day, it stormed most of the week near me- and the weekend is here! The world is our oyster. I know it's quite cliché, but seriously, make this weekend yours.
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For some reason stories about average, everyday people getting plastic surgery in order to look like their favorite celebrities are becoming more and more popular. (Remember when I talked about the real life Barbie and Ken? - scary stuff!) I mean, sure we idolize celebrities, but do we really need to look like them? This week, I heard about Claire and Sheldon, 2 individuals that paid big money to look like Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber. I didn't put their pictures above-  so please click the hyperlink to see just how identical, or rather not so identical, they look to the celebrities they are trying to emulate. You can watch and learn more about these plastic surgeries on E!s Botched on Sunday at 10... I will definitely be watching because I need to know who in their right mind thought Sheldon looked like Justin Bieber. Oh my.

 New father Nathen Steffel posted a rather interesting request on Reddit.  His daughter, Sophia, was diagnosed with  hepatic hemangioma in her liver before she was born and unfortunately only lived a short 6 weeks before passing away last week.  Steffel took to Reddit, hoping that its users could help photoshop a picture of Sophia (pictured above) without her breathing tubes. He said that he and his wife did not have any normal photos of Sophia as she was hooked up to breathing tubes her whole life. His request sparked numerous responses and the photos he received are absolutely beautiful.  

What you're looking at is a picture of the future, at least from photographer CYJO's viewpoint. Stated in this article, the Census Bureau predicts that by the year 2043 no single racial group will make up a majority of the United States. CYJO's photo series called 'Mixed Blood' captures beautiful portraits of present day mixed families. The series includes portraits of families from New York and Beijing. You can learn more 'Mixed Blood', CYJO and view her portrait's on her website by clicking here.

In 2008, Florida deemed same sex marriage unconstitutional.  On July 22, that ban will be lifted.  When this change is put in place, 20 states will have legal same sex marriage. While this is a slow and steady process, it's one step closer for all to have basic human rights.
Random Little Links:

  My weekend will most likely consist of a Saved By The Bell marathon and the purchase of a new laptop and planning for my trip into New York City next week. My laptop laced in Lisa Frank stickers is at the end of its life and I am so ready to kick it to the curb. Out with the old and in to the 21st century. A new outfit post will be coming your way on Monday. Have a great weekend! 

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