Monday, July 14, 2014

My Beauty Besties

Good Morning friends!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. These Summer days are not only flying, but are also laid out in a way that blogging has to take the back burner every now and then.

Over the years, I've had quite the trial and error process when it comes to different body, hair and makeup products. Beauty brands know that pretty packaging and the right wording can make girls swoon. 

This product can make my skin look pore less and lasts all day? Well, then I might as well buy ten, you feel me?

After spending most of my days as a teen trying out every beauty product imaginable, I have finally gotten my favorite beauty buys to minimum.  I still try to change some things in my beauty arsenal from time to time, but today's post is about the lovely products that have stood the test of time.  

As long as beauty companies keep making these products, they will be filling up my makeup bag and bathroom. I'd like to introduce you to my beauty besties...


I love every Aussie product that I have ever tried, but their 3 Minute Miracle is a real drugstore  gem. For $3 and 3 minutes of your time, your locks will transform into silk. Australian aloe and jojoba oil are what make this deep conditioner a keeper in my book. Whether your hair is thin or a thick tangled mess like mine, this product will soften and smooth without weighing your hair down.
Unfortunately, no matter how good a product may be, your hair will soon get used to it so it is important to switch out your hair products! This is something that I have just recently learned.  This past year at school, I used L'Oreal's Power Moisture hair mask. It does everything that Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle does, but is a bit thicker. This is a good choice for curly or thick hair and lasts longer than Aussie. However, I love both of these products so I don't mind switching off on which one I use!

Curly hair gets very frizzy, very fast. Mousse has never worked well for me so the next best solution  I looked into was hair gel. I was nervous about trying out different hair gels because a little goes a long way. If  too much is applied, your hair looks greasy or becomes crunchy! No bueno. I found a perfect, light weight solution to combat frizz on accident a few years ago and never looked back.  L.A. Looks Nutracurl gel works wonders. I don't know how this gel can be so lightweight and still manage to keep my hair tame, but it does. This gel is often hard to find, but Harmons, CVS and tend to always have it in stock. I put about a quarter sized amount in my hair after I shower and then wherever it is needed after my hair dries. 

Body and Face

Olay is one of the best companies out there for your skin.  Their face washes and lotions are so rich you'd think they are from a department store. Their body wash is no different.  Olay's daily moisture body wash has the equivalent of one jar of moisturizer inside and leaves your skin smooth and soft long after you shower. They also offer an age defying body wash with the same amount of moisturizer inside that I also recommend.

This is my newest obsession. A girl in my dorm used this and I thought it was so cool that I went out and bought some myself. I was an avid makeup wipe user for the longest time. However, spending up to $6 for makeup wipes almost every other week sucks. Save your time and money! $4.50 for a makeup remover that will last for MONTHS. One swipe of this cream and then a wet wash cloth effortlessly gets rid of your makeup and is so gentle. Pond's is not just for your grandma anymore! And even if it is, your grandma is awesome because this cold cream is magic in a jar.


I'm a firm believer in using more than one mascara. Mascara brushes and formulas all have a different purpose and if you can create the perfect combination of mascaras your lashes can look so darn good. New mascaras are always coming out and I'm a sucker for their awesome colors or shapes that I can't really stick with just one- unless it's Maybelline's Full and Soft. No matter how many coats of this  bad boy you put on your lashes, they will not clump. This mascara is a perfect base to your  multiple mascara routine or just on its own for a more natural look. Lauren Conrad also swears by this mascara so that's pretty cool.

Powder is a must for oily skin all year round and becomes top priority in the Summer. I tried numerous face powders, but only one stands the test of time. Rimmel London's Stay Matte pressed powder lasts forever and doesn't oxidize. In other words, it stays true to its color all day long, regardless of sweat or your skin's natural oils. This powder is so light but still gives just the right amount of coverage and staying power. 
Oddly enough, all these products are from the drugstore. It just goes to show that awesome things can come with small price tags. What are the beauty products you can't live without? Let me know! I love discovering new products.  Have a lovely week guys!


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