Thursday, July 24, 2014

Weekly Links: The Big Apple

Happy Friday guys!

As briefly mentioned on Monday, I ventured off into New York City to watch 5 Seconds of Summer. My friend Shannon and I arrived at 2 in the morning. While you may think that is crazy, there were hundreds, if not thousands, of girls that waited in the streets of New York for up to 6 days just for this concert- that's dedication!  5 Seconds of Summer was the Today show's biggest concert as of yet and because of this, Shannon and I's efforts did not prevail. 

So, we got some bagels, listened to the boy's soundcheck and performance and ultimately just watched their performance once I got home. Calum, Luke, Michael and Ashton display more talent at 7 am than I ever will in any endeavor. Oh, Shannon and I even saw the legendary editor of Vogue, Anna Wintour, on the street. No kidding- she walked  right by us without a body guard. She was pretty safe since I am positive the sea of pre teens didn't know who she was. But I did. And it was awesome.

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Companies are starting to look into giving back to communities and charities. Riding this beneficial trend, the menswear brand Twillory is doing something a bit out of the ordinary. With each clothing purchase, your package will include a prepaid mailer bag to send back any gently worn clothing you no longer wear. Your donation goes to the charity Career Gear and helps  low income individuals better dress for their jobs which can ultimately lead to better chances and income opportunities they would not have otherwise. I think this is a really neat idea because you don't have to leave your house, don't have to worry about the shipping expense and give people a step up in the business world! You can read more about Twillory's mission and  how to donate here.

Everyone and their Mother is obsessed with Fifty Shades of Grey. My stupid humor aside, the best selling series is going to be a movie early next year. Last year there was so much speculation as to who would play Ana and the notorious Christian Grey and now the focus has shifted to the movie's trailer. Released yesterday morning, the trailer is surprisingly tame and features Beyonce.  Yes, you read that right.Beyonce recorded a new and surprisingly eerie version of her hit 'Crazy in Love'. Hopefully, the trailer can tie Fifty Shades fans until February, but if not, Beyonce's vocals surely will.

Jimmy Kimmel is the king of trolling people. In the past he's challenged people eating gluten free to define their lifestyle- which many couldn't!- to having parents prank their children and making them believe all their Halloween candy was devoured. This week, Kimmel surpassed his own bar by asking people to test out Apple's Itime. Plot twist: the watch hasn't even been designed yet and is actually a $20 watch from Cassio. Watch the woman at the 3:08 mark; made my day.

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