Monday, April 18, 2016

Treat Yo Self

Hey guys!

Happy Monday.

I have two (large-ish) cups of coffee in my system- which is just no good for a person of my size, annnddd I just kicked some butt at the gym. I'm also procrastinating a homework assignment by writing this.

I have a class later tonight and I'm counting down the minutes until I crash. That'll be fun.

This all means one thing: that the realization that finals are just around the corner has finally hit me.

Woohoo finals!

I know all of our brains are fried, but I hope you can still sense my sarcasm! If you're reading this, and you're also in college I want to wish you two things:

1. Good luck!
2. That you find time to take care of yourself!

When school work starts to get hectic, how we feel mentally and physically usually get lost. Please, please, please take time during the upcoming weeks to do things that you love! Go outside, watch some Netflix, hang out with friends, take naps! 

I know that we can power through the rest of the semester, but it can't be done if we aren't all in one piece! So please, treat yo self.

With love,

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