Thursday, April 14, 2016

TBT: Leave (Get Out) by Jojo

Hey y'all!

Memories from our childhood are a wonderful thing.

There are things from our past that seem better than they actually were. There are things from our past that are just as great as our memories make them out to be.

Case in point: Leave (Get Out) by JoJo.

I distinctively remember singing this song on the playground in 5th grade. I even remember sitting in front of the computer and watching this music video on loop. ( I also watched Yeah! by Usher an ungodly amount of times, but that's besides the point)

Flash forward, here I am 20 years old and I still reminisce over this song. Anytime I hear someone say "Leave" I can't help but start singing JoJo's empowering anthem.

Since it's Thursday and this is quite the throwback, I leave you with the music video for Leave (Get Out).

With love,

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