Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Day, Shmalentine's Day

Hello loves!

I feel as if every post I write now begins with "How is it already ____?" "Time escapes me" blah blah blah.

Hey- it is all true.

How are you!? Do you feel all the love in the air? No? Neither do I. I actually feel anxiety radiating off of other people in the midst of papers, assignments and projects piling up. I must admit, that I am also contributing to that vibe.

This weekend is Valentine's day- make of it what you will.

In our last trip around the sun, I had a wonderful relationship, watched it struggle and finally fizzle. All of it was a lesson well learned so I can't even be sad about it- yet I'm obviously not jumping at the chance to celebrate Valentines day. 

 However,  let's take a step back from all of our anxiousness and do something that we love or that others love. Show people that you care about them! Here's some ideas below:

I don't think much needs to be said except for Reese's. They make everything better. This recipes looks so delicious I'm practically drooling.

Every Monday night, my friend Chelsea and I watch The Bachelor. ~Spoiler alert!~ I am so happy that Olivia is gone. IT'S ABOUT TIME.  I love this list that Chelsea actually sent me. Yes, it's aimed for couples, but I whole heartedly believe that you can also do this with your gal pals. Chelsea and I actually have a game plan for our date this weekend, using this list as inspiration... sadly, we had to omit a hot tub in a exotic location from our itinerary. 

I like this printable because it's cute and can be used all year round! Geometric prints are definitely in, so finding one for free that you can just print makes this a necessity. You can see more DIY pins on my Pinterest by clicking here.

Watch a movie on Neflix, give yourself a facial, get your favorite ice-cream, watch videos on Doug the Pug ... Do what ever makes YOU happy this weekend.

With love,

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