Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hairstyles for the gal that doesn't know how to style hair

Happy Monday!

When I was younger, I despised my hair.  It was a thick, tangled, curly mess- or so I thought. So, I would straighten my hair and god awful side bangs every single day. Low and behold straight hair didn't look much better.

...but I straightened it anyway. That's what was in. That's what was cool. I envied girls with straight hair, yet I failed to realize there were girls out there that envied my hair just as much.  Like everything else, we want what we can't have. (Even something as silly as a hair texture)

This picture was featured in an outfit post which you can see here

Just call me Rapunzel

As before mentioned, my hair is a thick, tangled, curly mess  'thing', but I've learned to embrace it. I'm not really creative when it comes to styling it, however. I have 3 hair styles and 3 hair styles only: down, in a braid or in a messy bun that looks like a growth on my head. (Anyone that's seen it can vouch for that!)

This Summer, I want to change that. I want to expand my hair styling horizons. As I'm always on Pinterest, I've stockpiled some hairstyles that, hopefully, even a novice such as myself can do.

I  definitely think these can  all work on curly, wavy or straight hair. If you're in a styling rut and pressed for time or just bored with your hair such as myself fingers crossed these will help you out and we can try them out together!

Looks hard, but all you need to know is how to twist your hair! A step by step filled with pictures, click here

Simple and super classy! Perfect for work or a party. Could easily be done with a bandanna or any type of cloth headband! 

Coachella may be long over, but the whimsical hairstyles the festival inspires are not! Click here for some Boho inspiration.

This. is. so. simple. Why didn't I ever think to do this!? Gotta love triangles.

Oh, the possibilities you can have with a bow! Abby has the best hair tutorials of all time. Seriously. Go check her out.

Fishtails are super easy! This tutorial from Join the Mood is easy and super pretty.

Have a lovely week! We will all be hair gurus in no time.
For more hairspiration follow my board on Pinterest here!


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