Sunday, December 1, 2013

What's in a Name?

Why, hello there!

Thanks for stopping by my small space on the internet: Buzz, Boots and Berries. A celebratory first blog post wouldn't be complete with out a quick introduction, so here are a few details about myself.

 I am currently a college freshman studying communications in the beautiful state of Vermont.  If you're familiar with the phrase spin, you'll know that it is commonly used in the public relations field to present a campaign or idea which in turn will ultimately persuade the public. Public relations is all about obtaining an image and creating a buzz. I think the communications field as a whole takes media and pushes it to society to spark certain actions or emotions.  My love for media and writing is what makes up the first part of my blog name.

Another thing I love: clothing, shoes, accessories - you name it, anything dubbed girly is a friend of mine.  I've dogeared numerous magazine pages in my day of beauty and fashion trends and follow a plethora of  beauty 'gurus' on Pinterest and YouTube. My aspiration for this blog is to not only talk about my favorite happenings in the media, but also show clothes and products I am currently obsessing over.

I also have to admit something.
 I'm one of 'those people'. Yes, the person who shamelessly posts food on Instagram. Sometimes I just have the need to pick the perfect filter before diving into my dinner. I just can't help it. Apparently that's not normal so to reevaluate my Instagram and eating habits I'll be posting my favorite meals and healthy recipes on here as well.

Phew. That was a few details shy of a speed dating session. 
I'll be posting  more in the upcoming weeks so please check back soon and feel free to see what else I'm up to under the Stay Connected section of my blog.

Have a lovely day!

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