Friday, December 6, 2013

Weekly Links: The Final Countdown

Finals are finally here which is fabulous. In just a few short days we’ll be able to swap cafeteria food for home cooked meals, rid of projects and homework and most importantly sleep in our own comfy beds. Unfortunately, all these amazing things can not be obtained until we scour our brains and cry into our textbooks. Now is the time to cram.

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Hey now! Don’t panic just yet. I’m here to tell you that if timed out perfectly this weekend you can study and still have an awesome last weekend at school before winter break. Study for a bit, browse Tumblr, study some more and then eat all the snacks in your dorm room. Rejoice my friends. 

 That’s why my first installment of Weekly Links falls on the Friday before finals. Before your brain gets fried to a crisp,  take a quick peek at the things I've found around the web this week. 

 Click the photos below to cleanse your palate and for some entertainment. And remember: “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” (Definitely something to think about when you just need to take a step back and relax.)

 Ok, so I don’t know much about Pharrell. Over the summer, he was sort of in Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. If there’s anything I do know about him it’s that his new music video, Happy, is genius. Happy is a 24 hour music video. That’s right. You can click anywhere on the music video’s time clock and go to that part of the day. If you love to study while listening to music this song may not be a bad choice especially because you can tailor the music video to your viewing pleasure. (I particularly like when the video hits sunset) Or maybe you truly want to sit there and listen to the song on repeat for 24 hours. Whatever floats your boat.

 The next link comes from BuzzFeed which is literally my holy grail. After this post it may be yours too. This week I loved seeing the gift guide for food lovers. Christmas is just around the corner people. Go out and buy or diy a memorable gift this year. All I can say is, avocado saver and unicorn sprinkle shaker -where have you been all my life?  (ps: more gift guides are coming soon)

This week John Mayer released his new single “Who you Love”. For the cover art he decided to make all of us swoon by posing with his girlfriend Katy Perry (she also sings on the track) and the results are beautiful. Click above to see the photo for yourself and also listen to the song. John + Katy= a melodic match made in heaven.

I'm sure many of you ( including myself) were committed on Thanksgiving to eating everything possible. I'm also sure that many of you ( definitely including myself) regret eating their entire body weight  in stuffing and pies galore.  Mashable must have read everyone's guilt ridden minds because this week they put out the best work out/ diet aps to get us all back on track. When you swap your textbook for you phone ( which i know will inevitably happen)  take a look and start getting back in shape.

Hercampus is the best website for college gals and this week I stumbled upon a post about the "first world problems" we encounter in college. Sadly, this list applies to me more than I want to admit... if you can't laugh at yourself  who can you laugh at- am I right?

Last but not least, I leave you with a video from the lovely Troye Sivan. I adore him and relate to everything he puts on YouTube, Tumblr and Twitter so much that I'm starting to think we're twins separated at birth. The Australian YouTuber uploaded this video last month, but it's still hilarious to me and definitely fitting with finals coming our way. 

Have a beautiful weekend and good luck with finals!

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