Sunday, December 15, 2013

Food for thought: Warm & Toasty

Good morning everyone!
In areas where Electra has hit: I hope you're staying warm and toasty inside with little to no problems regarding  the snow it left behind.

Speaking of warm and toasty...
I love toast. 

 All types of breakfast foods really, but I've always had a special place in my heart for a nice slice of golden bread with warm butter on top.

Unfortunately at school,  no matter how hard I try I get to the dining hall when 'breakfast' is over. Who stops breakfast at 10? Oh college

My life would be so much easier if I could just make breakfast whenever I pleased, but my school condemns anything that heats up  ( obviously) so a toaster is a no no and I  then slink to the corner of my room with a bowl of applesauce. I digress.

However, I do commend my school on their great bread selection and its butter and cream cheese spread ( Some days there's even Nutella or Fluff - yum!).  It's all quite tempting when I actually do try to brave the continental section of the dinning hall.

Yet there's nothing quite like being home, making some hot chocolate or tea and creating the perfect slices of toast....especially because when at home, I don't have to stand in a line, maneuver around backpacks or get extreme anxiety as someone breathes over my shoulder waiting to butter their bagel.

Since I love toast of course I've had to take pictures of it while on break thus far.
Plain toast gets boring after a while so I've learned to curate some new things for my taste buds over the years.

The always delicious French Toast

 Babybell, spinach and tomato toast

   Peanut butter and jelly blueberry toast

These were all equally delicious and I can't wait to make some more with avocado on top, or scrambled eggs. Excuse me as I drool.

Today for breakfast, I'm actually parting ways with toast and trying overnight oats for the first time. Super excited for that.

Whatever your Monday may bring make sure to eat breakfast today (and every day) to keep you and your body healthy & happy. 

source: here

Have a lovely day and make things happen!

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