Friday, August 8, 2014

Weekly Links: Concert Appreciation

Hello there and happy Friday!

This week was filled with lovely things. The main thing was that on Tuesday, I met up with my lovely friend Deborah and watched One Direction at MetLife stadium. It blows my mind that One Direction played in front of 85,000 people not one, but two nights in a row!
  It.was.ah-mazing. (am-zayn for you directioners out there) 

  5 Seconds of Summer was the opening act and it was nice to finally see them perform! (Read about my first attempt here) I actually shed a few tears. I screamed and danced with all my fellow concert goers and had a great time.

I tackled the post concert depression stage and have moved on to the nostalgic let me share my pictures with EVERYONE stage. That being said, here are some photos:



Luke talking to Michael



I debated uploading videos too, but I  quickly realized no one wants to hear the screaming and borderline whale noises that came from my mouth- truly embarrassing!

I didn't want to flood this post with too many pictures, so today's Weekly Links is a bit shorter:

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Taking "Draw me like one of your French girls" to a whole new level- I just recently heard about the App called French Girls that allows users to upload a selfie. Unlike Instagram, other users can attempt to draw your selfie regardless of their artistic ability. This could definitely spark some laughs, a stroke of creative genius or even a picture you'll covet forever. I think it's a pretty cool idea!

There's an awesome discussion going around Reddit right now, where people are submitting photos of themselves along with their celebrity look alikes. Some people are undoubtedly switched at birth, while others not so much. However, I am willing to bet money that Ed Sheeran's twin is in fact just another picture of Ed Sheeran- they look that similar.
Random Little Links
5.How a 13 became a CEO; yes you read that correctly!

Today marks my last day at my Summer internship. I am so grateful to have worked with the wonderful people in my department. I learned so many things in such a short  period of time! I'm sad to leave, but it means school is right around the corner.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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