Monday, May 19, 2014

Billboard Music Awards Recap

I love award shows and last night was the Billboard Music Awards. Everyone tends to be a self proclaimed critic when big performances or award shows roll around. Today I thought I would recap what caught my attention in case you missed the show last night.

Best Dressed


Pete Wentz

Jennifer Lopez

Shakira and Gerard Pique

5 Seconds of Summer


The Billboard Music awards is always jammed pack with over the top performances. Below are a few of my favorites. Also, I've noticed that videos don't often work when on mobile, so I also have the hyperlink to each performance.

Iggy Azalea performed Fancy and then Problem with Ariana Grande. Both were absolutely fabulous.  THe only "problem" with the song? That it's so darn catchy! Problem is definitely going to be the Summer song of 2014. If the above video isn't loading click here.

Michael Jackson, or rather his hologram, performed  Slave to the Rhythm. The performance amazed many people and equally freaked some others out. I thought it was pretty cool to see just what technology can do. On mobile? Click here.

Miley Cyrus was actually quite subdued last night. She covered Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds with The Flaming Lips. Much to everyone's surprise she didn't twerk everywhere or stick her tongue out incessantly. While everyone says never cover a Beatles song, this was nicely done.  You can also see the video here.

Big Awards

The Billboard Awards is made up of mainly performances, but here are some of the big winners of the night.

- Lorde won Best New Artist and for Top Rock Song
- Justin Timberlake won 7 awards(!) including Top Artist, Top Billboard 200 Artist and Top Billboard 200 Album 
- Imagine Dragons won 5 awards including Top Duo/Group and Top Rock Artist 
- Katy Perry won Top Female Artist-Jennifer Lopez won the Icon Award
- Robin Thicke, T.I and Pharrell Williams won 4 awards each for Blurred Lines

Big 'oops'

# Kendallyouhadonejob.  Australian group Five Seconds of Summer made their US  television debut last night. Billboard made an intro video telling the audience how their performance mirrors the Beatles coming to America for the first time 50 years ago. However, when introducing the group, Kendall Jenner started by saying 'One' as in One Direction then continued to say how she's a horrible reader and ending with '...seconds of Summer'. See the mix up here. It's almost as painful as John Travolta's whole Adele Dazim mix up a few months back. I guess she had ex Harry Styles on the brain.

If you watched last night, what were your favorite parts of the show? Let me know! Have a great week everyone!


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