Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekly Links: The Melting Pot

Hello everyone,
Thank god it's Friday!
I personally think the week flew by, but nothing beats the feeling of knowing it's the 'weekend'.

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Alright my fellow Pinterest lovers:
1. You should follow me by clicking here!
2. Have you heard that now you can specifically tailor your recipe search?
Pinterest has now made it easier to track exactly what you're looking for food wise. All you have to do is search whatever recipe you are in the mood to try or pin and can then filter all of your options through certain categories -vegetarian, gluten free, you name it.  Something to note: this fancy feature only happens when searching a recipe or food not when you just browse the food and drink category collectively.

 And while I'm still on the topic of food....
I found the best blog ever; besides my own of course.
Alright, I kid. But seriously. I never knew  there were so many grilled cheese options!
I want to make them all, but of course living in a dorm prevents me from doing that. Guess what this girl will be doing all spring break. You got it; living in a world of crispy, cheesy goodness.

And while I'm still on the topic of food...
 This has been all over the web and news this week so you may have seen it. Someone on Tumblr posted a photo of their chihuahua next to their blueberry muffin and the similarities are uncanny. I decided not to post it on here because if you haven't seen it yet I want you to be surprised! So without further ado... Click here to see for yourself 

Ok finally something not food related!
As much as I love food, I equally love talking about body image and photoshop editing etc as you have probably learned already if you frequent my blog. This week I came across Hungarian singer Boggie and her newest music video is so powerfulPlease take a moment to watch it here

Last weekend I went out on an adventure. ( read about it here)
This weekend I am trying ice skating for the first time. Yes, 18 years and I've never put on a pair of skates. Also, a different type of adventure than last weekend, but I'm still crossing my fingers for the best.

 I hope you all have a lovely weekend, stay warm!


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