Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hello Stranger!

Hello, my wonderful friends on the internet!

It felt weird to log into my blog today. It feels weird to even be typing anything right now. And surely, it will be weird for y'all to see that I just published a post.

Yeah... It's been a while!

I could say that I've been extremely busy (both true and false given the day), but in all honesty, it's been really great to give myself a break.

There I said it. And I don't feel guilty.

We often don't allow ourselves to actually breathe. It's so hard now for people to say no and just take a step back. There's this perceived notion that we have to know exactly what we're doing all the time. We always have to be on.

 Guys, it's ok to disconnect from the internet and social media.  It's ok to to not have an agenda. It's ok to let go of things that don't make you happy! It's also ok to say bye to things that you love for a while, like blogging, for example.

 It's so fun to watch an idea that once lived in the back of your brain, develop into something entertaining or useful. But what do you do when those ideas don't come around as often? To me, blogging and writing becomes more of a chore at that point- something that I never intended.

Taking a step back, and just living life, getting rid of unnecessary pressure or stress, it all helps create a better garden for creativity to grow. Sometimes we forget that.

I'm just going about my days and letting ideas come and go. In doing this, I've learned what I really like to do or what I don't want to do. As a 21 year old, that's both terrifying and relieving. (Mostly relieving!)

I've been selling some old things I no longer need on Depop. This is another form of letting go annddd it makes me some money, which is fantastic.

Although not blogging all the time, I am still writing in different ways. I've been creating really fun letters and crafts, but I don't want to give too much away since those letters are for  some people who are, most likely, reading this... :) 

It feels great to just pour out my heart, my silliness and a little bit of creativity onto physical pages. Hopefully, that spark and drive will translate to online writing soon.

Until then, there's no need to worry about me. I'm still going strong as The Young Hopeful's Social Media Editor (Follow us! We give awesome career and college advice AND I like to think that I'm funny from time to time) It's another thing that I absolutely love doing.

The above things I'm currently doing are simple, but they're making me so happy. And that's important. 

Find what makes you genuinely happy, even if it takes a bit of time, even if it's not monumental, even if it's something different than you've ever done before.

 You'll be amazed at how much of an impact it has on you and all the other aspects of your life.

I promise.

With love,

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