Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hello, It's Me.

Hello, it's me. (Here's looking to you Adele!)

I can't believe this time last week I was exploring London.  I don't think London could ever have been a bad  travel choice, but with everything wrapped up in Christmas lights, and holiday markets on almost every street, it's safe to say that my friend, Deborah, and I saved the best trip of the semester for last!

While we were only in London for a full day, our winter whirlwind was nothing less than extraordinary!


Schokokuss aka the yummiest thing I've ever had. I tend to say that often, but this time my sweet tooth and  I really, really mean it.

Must See: Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland

There was a full Oktoberfest in Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland.

  We loved: Borough Market and Camden Lock Market

Anyone else getting Diagon Alley vibes?

This is what happens when you ask for "everything".

Maybe it's because it was the most wonderful time of the year, or maybe it's because Deborah and I are city girls through and through... London, you will always have a piece of our hearts. 

With love,

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