Sunday, May 17, 2015

Oh, Canada!

Hello there!

Last week was filled with great memories, great company and a great deal of public transportation.

I apologize in advance for any atypical formatting or spelling errors- I'm whipping up this post while also sitting outside in the sun, which as you will soon read is the real meaning behind this post.

I traveled to Boston, Maine and Canada in just quick 7 days! Which seemed plausible when we first planned our trip, but there are just too many awesome things to see in each place respectively to really see or do in that short span of time.

I had my first fried Oreo of the season-which was to die for of course- met up with friends from college along the way and attempted to kayak during low tide. You read that right, low tide... not a smart move but hilarity ensued nonetheless.

The roadtrip was loads of fun, with undoubtedly, one of the biggest highlights being nature. 

The greatest things surrounding us are not man made and luckily, summertime is one of the most prominent times to see this.

Although I appreciate you reading this post, I do hope you go outside today and enjoy the wonderful world we live in. Slap on some sunscreen and enjoy our  dearest Mother Nature. Go run, bike, discover a new park, jump in rain puddles- anything; today is too stunning to sit around! 

With love,

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