Monday, February 16, 2015

Tattoo Talk: What to Expect

Happy Monday! 

Get ready to read my longest post to date or don't. I give you permission to skim.

There is nothing I love more than being curled up in bed with a cup of tea and watching Netflix. However, this weekend I did something out of the ordinary.

I decided to get a tattoo. 

I should preface this by saying it was a well, thought out decision and not something done on a whim. I'll tell you why I got it and what it all means soon enough.

I'm a girl who likes to know what I'm getting myself into, so putting something permanently on my body struck a bit of fear in me. Looming questions of: will it hurt?, what if I hate it?, will I be judged for the rest of my life?  all crossed my mind more than once.

Unfortunately, none of these questions can truly be answered as we all tolerate pain in different ways, have different thought processes and have grown up with or believe in  different values. 

Having one, dainty tattoo by no means classifies me as a tattoo expert, but I did thoroughly enjoy my experience and learned some valuable things during the process.

Think with your head (and your heart), but mostly your head

The first thing being that, if you want a tattoo, you better think long and hard about it. I don't think every tattoo needs to have a strong meaning or importance to you BUT you will have to live with it for the rest of your life. I'm talking 50, 60, 70+ years here! In doing this nothing is wasted, except for time, and in the grand scheme of things that will be greatly appreciated.

Nothing significant was ever done without a little research

Do your research. As before mentioned, I have a fear of the unknown. Gathering as much information about a tattoo shop, placement or artist was of the upmost importance to me. Don't go looking for the cheapest place near you. A tattoo is a lifelong commitment and if you need to spend a little extra 'mula' then so be it. Look for places near you that are safe, clean and produce awesome work. This can be done  through Google, or friends who are inked and had a great experience. If you have a natural liking to a certain artist or place; great! Just make sure you figure out and follow up on their policies and procedures. 

Food is everyone's best friend for a reason

We all know food is essential to do anything. You may be nervous to get your tattoo and therein won't be hungry, but eating is a must!  It's important to eat a big, healthy meal at least 2 hours prior to your appointment. Your body is going through a lot of changes during your tattoo appointment so  please make sure you nourish it! I ate a huge breakfast and was still hungry during my appointment. You use up a lot of energy. Stock up on good sugars through juice and make sure to skip coffee as it is a blood thinner. 

Your tattoo will, kind of, sort of, maybe, not hurt at all

I was nervous to get my tattoo mainly for the pain as I'm sure many people are. That's why the mantra of temporary pain for lifelong pleasure is a thing. There's no way to gauge how much a tattoo is going to hurt. However, anywhere close to a bone i.e ribs is going to hurt more than a fleshier part of your body, such as your thigh or upper arm.

As for what a tattoo feels like? It truly is indescribable. Many people say (and I agree) that it feels like a cat scratch. Even still, cat scratches are a prolonged type of stinging pain whereas a tattoo really isn't. That's not too helpful, I know. Sometimes the tattoo gun itself makes people nervous. I thought it sounded like my electric toothbrush.

Above all else, just breathe. If you are 100% set on a tattoo and the artist all other factors will fall into place. Time will fly by and before you know it, you will have something to cherish forever.

Now that my spiel is over, here is my tattoo. 

If you read my blog often, you'll notice I seem to say this all the time- I love The Maine. Always have, always will. When I started discovering music that was uniquely my own, I came across The Maine and never looked back. I've seen them live more times then my memory can count back on, have been tweeted by them twice (Hey- to me, that's a big deal!) and have met them in person. 

Over the years we've both grown up respectively yet couldn't be closer. Their music just gets me. What a clich√©, but so true.  Relationships like this are important. In this case, it is an artist/ fan relationship, but it's the best and longest relationship I've had.

My tattoo is from The Maine's Pioneer album which came out in 2011. This album is beautiful from start to finish. My tattoo is from the song 'Don't Give Up on 'Us' which you can listen to here.

There are many lessons we learn in life. The most valuable, yet hardest to remember, is accepting ourselves.

While it's easier to see and dwell on the things in life that  seem impossible or keep us down, it's extremely important to point out AND celebrate all of the things that make us great. I've always had an affinity for The Maine; their music has always been there, as a constant reminder to embrace what I cannot change and love what makes me, me- every single day. 

Every time I look at my arm now, I tend to sing the song- which really isn't a bad thing. I also tend to smile which really, really isn't a bad thing.

I leave you with this. A tattoo is a huge decision. Not everyone in the world is going to love your tattoo or even your choice in getting one. Be as it may, those people may also not understand your love for a certain thing or your reasons in getting one. Do what makes you happy and remember: the important people in your life will still view you the same. The exterior may have changed, but you are still the brilliant person you've always been! Be smart, be safe, but most importantly, be passionate.

With love,


  1. It's great to hear your experience and why you got it. I've always been on the fence about getting a tattoo, I think I'm way to indecisive therefore unless something came in to mind which is really sentimental or something, then I most likely won't get one.


  2. Such a cute little tattoo :) don't you want more now? haha. such a dangerous addiction! I'm running out of places to hide mine!


    Sophie |


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