Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weekly Links: All things Mainstream

Happy Friday everyone!

We finally got a decent amount of snow  in Vermont to much relief of all the skiers and snow boarders. I'm sure many of them are equally as pumped for the Olympics. The Sochi winter Olympics started  last night on NBC which was very exciting even though I'm more of a Summer Olympic fan myself.

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The Biggest Loser is one of NBC's most popular shows. For over 15 seasons, the show has overhauled hundreds of individuals who want to get their weight on track. It amazes me how much  weight contestants actually lose. Their equation of working out for hours on end, personal trainers and strict dieting ultimately creates entertaining and inspiring television. This week,  contestant Rachel Frederickson won and caused a controversy while doing so. Rachel is now 105 pounds at 5'5. Technically speaking, Rachel is now considered underweight. Cue the peanut gallery: 'She's too fat and now she's too thin' . You just can't please anyone anymore can you?

Sunday night caused quite a stir.  Unfortunately, it wasn't  from the overly anticipated Super Bowl ( Come one, it wasn't even a game!) Instead, the controversy was from a Coke a Cola commercial which you can view here. To summarize, the commercial played the song 'America the Beautiful' in different languages. Viewers were not happy about that and created a storm on social media. Many said that we live in America and therefore the commercial should have been in English. The hashtag #speakamerican appeared on Twitter and some individuals even claimed  that the soda brand was supporting terrorists. I personally don't see anything wrong with the commercial. Coke a Cola is a worldwide brand and displayed that very simply in this advertisement. What's your view on this? Shouldn't we be past the fact that so many diverse people live in our country and  even more so, shouldn't this fact should be embraced?

There has been quite a bit of snow all over the country this winter and where there is snow, there are bound to be a few snow days (Unless of course you're in Vermont where snow days are a myth). Every kid dreams of having snow days because they are indisputably the best. Instead of the average phone call, this Kentucky principal put his own spin on announcing that school was cancelled and I think it's safe to say that he is the coolest principal ever.

This has probably been thought of or casually talked about many times. However,  high schooler Jewel Moore is trying to make a plus sized princess a reality. Disney has a certain formula when it comes to princesses and they know it works. You know, the slender and smooth waist line,  big doe eyes and not to mention, fabulous hair. Each princess may have a different story, but they undoubtedly have the same body. Moore started a petition online to sway Disney and you can join the movement here.

Prom is one of the biggest moments in High School.  
A big part of your prom experience is taking the perfect pictures so you can remember the night perfectly. For all my girls out there, you just  want pictures before your hair falls, the heels get swapped for socks and your makeup melts.  I never really associated celebrities and prom, but Smosh made a gallery of celebrity prom pictures and I just couldn't get enough.  It's interesting to see how the whole prom experience has evolved and what celebrities chose as their outfit of choice before they had the money to hire people to do it for them. Brad Pitt of course still looked gorgeous.

Have a great weekend! Stay inside if you can because the snow is not stopping anytime soon.


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